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      B2B Marketing Blog

      Introducing the 2018 State of Pipeline Marketing Report

      By Jordan Con
      Aug 22, 2018

      Pipeline Marketing, the methodology that focuses on impacting the entire funnel rather than just the top, is being embraced by more B2B marketers and B2C marketers with sales teams than ever. Metrics that capture more of the funnel—sales opportunities, pipeline, and revenue—are increasingly the primary marketing metrics for making plans, optimizing engagement, and measuring success.

      Using these down-funnel metrics is paying off, too. Pipeline marketers are more likely to hit their revenue goals, report alignment with broader business objectives, be aligned with their sales counterparts, and be perceived as revenue centers.

      The 2018 State of Pipeline Marketing Report, the fourth annual, is based on survey responses from over 400 B2B marketers.

      The new report includes powerful, new data about how successful marketers approach the planning, execution, and measurement phases for their organizations, and the benefits of doing it well.

      Marketing Priorities


      Marketing Data Quality


      Marketing Measurement


      Marketing Reputation


      Additionally, the report has deep dives that answer questions like:

      • Are marketing orgs that map their spend to revenue more likely to see year-over-year revenue growth? Are they more likely to get bigger budgets? Are they more aligned with their sales org?
      • Are marketing orgs that make their plans based on revenue more likely to have positive ROI?
      • Are marketing orgs that use sophisticated attribution more likely to be aligned with their sales org? Are they more likely to get bigger budgets?
      • What are the characteristics of marketing orgs that are perceived as revenue centers?

      Download the report here:

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