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      B2B Marketing Blog

      Job Board: Connecting Revenue-Focused Marketers to Revenue-Focused Companies

      By Alexis Getscher
      Aug 13, 2018
      Find me on:

      At Bizible, we pride ourselves on having the best customers in the world. They’re hardworking, smart and eager to grow and learn more as marketers. Importantly, they all have one big thing in common: they’re focused on driving revenue.

      As we grow our community of revenue-focused marketers, more and more Bizible customers have been reaching out to ask if we know good candidates to fill open positions at their organizations. For that reason, we’ve decided to aggregate these requests into a “job board” that we’ll publish to our blog on a recurring basis.

      If you’re a revenue-focused marketer looking for a new position, please see below. If you’re a Bizible customer looking to fill an open marketing role, please email me at alexis@bizible.com and I’ll make sure to include your listing in our next job posting.


      Perfecto- Burlington, Massachusetts

      Marketing Operations Manager
      Our ideal candidate is a marketing automation pro with a passion for technology, analytics and reporting, and the curiosity and drive to create new solutions around next generation B2B marketing programs. APPLY HERE

      Outreach- Seattle/SF/Remote

      Marketing Operations Manager
      Marketing Ops is the heartbeat of Marketing. You will work with the Demand Generation team to make sure Sales and Marketing move as one. We are looking for a technical, creative problem solver to lead the way in creating a smooth lead to qualification process. APPLY HERE

      LeadMD- Scottsdale, Arizona

      Marketing Consultant (Marketo)
      The Marketing Consultant (MC), under the direction of the Director of Delivery will work with a team of marketing automation experts focused on delivering end-to-end demand generation programs for clients. The MC will own and execute on project segments to produce uncommon results (hyper-value). APPLY HERE

      TIBCO- Palo Alto

      Digital Marketing Manager
      TIBCO Software, Inc is looking for a Digital Marketing Manager responsible for demand generation programs across email and Web properties. You will be part of our growing digital marketing team chartered with driving growth and marketing innovation within TIBCO. APPLY HERE

      LeanPlum- San Francisco

      Senior Director, Global Campaigns
      We’re looking for a campaign leader to lead activations that deliver pipeline targets and helps build our global brand. This role reports directly to the SVP of Marketing and will lead Digital, Content, Creative and PR teams. APPLY HERE

      Vision Critical- Toronto

      Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
      As our Digital Marketing Lead, you have a strategic mind as well as hands-on skills. You will report to the Director, Marketing and will lead a small digital team, but you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get into the tools yourself. This role is responsible for using digital channels to drive pipeline. APPLY HERE

      Culture Amp- San Francisco

      Marketing Analytics Manager
      You will play a key role in understanding business questions, providing actionable insights based on data, operationalizing these insights, and driving changes in systems and processes.  While focusing on marketing metrics, this is a full-stack analytics role and you will get you deeply involved in the entire customer journey. APPLY HERE

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